• adult-art-background-673862Weak heart,
    Sucked of its undue strength.
    Sore from its ample pains.
    Alone in the center of the red sea.
    Rains of the north showing no mercy.Weak heart.,
    Weighed deep with unheard thoughts.
    Frozen hard with pliant mocks.
    Crushed with compliments of trick.
    The heart feeble, as it licks.

    Weak heart
    Cages with rods of consistency
    Danced to the forced tone of viciosity.
    Red with the paint of sacrifice.
    Fading far beyond correction.

    Weak heart
    Stripped of its vigour, as though planed
    Worn the foul crown of sham
    Heart bleeding with cold vain
    Very soon, it may be gone

    Photo by it’s me neosiam on Pexels.com


Blank paper

Blank paper.
A communion with an ample pen.
Flowing like the red cold haunted blood,
Inspiration rising with the morning dawn.
Novelty crawling from the tip of a caprice pen.

Blank paper.
Revealing informations with black ink,
Inscribe letter, forming silent links.
The Concealed smile of a bruised star.
The eyes of the pen, keeping meticulous watch.

Blank paper.
Presented in wrapped envelop as a letter.
A due mind, poured in the desert of emptiness.
Mammonic esteem not settling for less.
A walk in the stairs of reprehension.

Blank paper.
A punch soul taking the lead.
Pumped fluid, from the heart that bleeds.
Palm intertwining with the thralled mind.
Blank paper, filled with accentuate life guides.