Blank paper

Blank paper.
A communion with an ample pen.
Flowing like the red cold haunted blood,
Inspiration rising with the morning dawn.
Novelty crawling from the tip of a caprice pen.

Blank paper.
Revealing informations with black ink,
Inscribe letter, forming silent links.
The Concealed smile of a bruised star.
The eyes of the pen, keeping meticulous watch.

Blank paper.
Presented in wrapped envelop as a letter.
A due mind, poured in the desert of emptiness.
Mammonic esteem not settling for less.
A walk in the stairs of reprehension.

Blank paper.
A punch soul taking the lead.
Pumped fluid, from the heart that bleeds.
Palm intertwining with the thralled mind.
Blank paper, filled with accentuate life guides.